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Welcome to the Lana Simmons Show! A podcast exploring stories of every day humans courageously muddling through difficult and unexpected life situations. Join Lana as she interviews people from different walks of life who are willing to share their stories.

Lana is a retired military spouse, homeschooling parent, and newbie gardener. Connect with Lana at or

Aug 3, 2016

Do you have strong intuitive abilities but feel that because you don't look or act a certain way you can't possibly be a healer? What does a healer look and act like?

On today's show, Ivy Felicia, of Me, My Body & Love, and I discuss our preconceived ideas of what it means to be a healer. Why is one's weight seen as something to be healed? Are you considered more spiritually evolved if you are thin, white, and able-bodied?

Ivy Felicia is a Certified Holistic Wellness and Body Image Coach with a gift for helping people of all body types discover abiding body peace and abundant self-love at any stage of life. Her Body Relationship Coaching™ work is centered on her personal experiences with barriers to body love, and more than a decade of social and professional involvement in the emotional wellness and health education movements.

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